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Okay, so you need to know more about me? Here's the deal:

I'm a branding specialist. The only one who can connect branding to increasing bottom line revenue. It's the brand that turns users into evangelists, and that's where it all begins. I generally start by developing a brand strategy, then move on to implementing those recommended tactics. Unlike most "branding consultants," I don't just drop off a one ton document and then leave you in the lurch. I develop tactical programs and hang in there all along the way, to make sure those plans get up, running -- and producing.

Download a one page PDF backgrounder on Rob Frankel here.

If you're wondering how I work with you, here's a run down, starting from the appropriately-budgeted (denoted by
$ rating) to FREE in descending order:

Glass$$$$$ Top Level: Branding doesn't require six figures and ten months waiting for results. In four to six weeks, your brand can be up and running. The Typical Engagement results in an easy to read "Branding Bible", that offers recommendations, executions and rationales as to why they're going to succeed. We can also build in a multi-month follow up program.
It's all business-driven, none of this "new age channeling" stuff, and fosters incredible "buy-in" from company internal operations, which of course, drives acceptance from end users. This is the premium deliverable, the sort of thing that simply can't be done INSIDE your organization, due to differing corporate and political agenda. And it's all delivered in 4 to 6 weeks, not months or years.

$$$$$ Day Rate/War Room Session: There are occasions where time is of the Suitcaseessence. In those cases, I travel to clients' premises and conduct a War Room session. Essentially, we lock the door, cut the phone lines and barricade ourselves in until all the branding issues are solved. It's usually a two day minimum plus travel. It gets the job done -- and it gets it right the first time.

$$$$$ Video Day Session: Don't want to pay for airfare or hotels? Rather get the session happening sooner? Then video-conferencing is for you, with this six hour session you can record and view any time.

$$$$$ Expert Witness/Brand Mediation/Trademark Infringement: Hopefully before litigation, I get between two parties to help resolve issues of brand and trademark infringement. If it goes to litigation, I provide expert witness testimony, supported by strategic brand rationale and research.

Hammer$$$$ Task Driven: Not everyone wants the whole shootin' match. For this, we discuss an itemized list of what you need and my office submits a bid. It helps if you arrive with a budget in mind.

$$$ Monthly Long Term: Fast moving businesses have agendas that change the minute the ink is dry. Others recognize the ongoing need for compliance with the brand strategy. For those, I offer a monthly fee arrangement, with a six month/$8K per month minimum (or an equivalent thereof). This allows any client unlimited-but-reasonable access on any and all issues that may affect their brand/business issues, including review and editing of documents, plans and general discussions. For clients who wish to make use of a killer resource without having to keep an eye on the clock, this is often helpful. Contact can be in person, by phone, e-mail, video chat, Instant Messenger or carrier pigeon -- your choice. This arrangement does not include out-of-pocket expenses or travel.

Super Affordable Solutions.

FrankelCall$$ FrankelCall/FrankelMail: Due to the many requests, I offer a Special FrankelCall Program: For any and all business, branding and strategic brainstorming and development, members may arrange a one hour phone call of anything goes, all-you-can-eat tactics and strategy, focused totally on you and your business. Real time sessions are by telephone, text, audio or video chat via Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, iChat, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. Strictly by appointment only. This is your chance to gather up all your questions and concerns, speak confidentially and openly on the business matters that concern you most. For those looking for an extra value, I offer FrankelMail, where you get two hours for the price of one, with everything handled by e-mail instead of a real time phone call. Does it work? Here's your chance to see and book yours right now.

$ The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build a Big Time Brand™ on the BrandXWeb or Anywhere Else: This is the book that UPSIDE magazine, MENSA and dozens of others have raved about. This is the book that universities around the world, including the University of California and NYU's Stern School of Business, are reviewing for addition to their text lists. It's informative. Fun. And loaded with incredibly useful information that you can deploy today -- if you can read it that fast. You can read the reviews, too, at It's worth it.

SpeakerI offer a number of different engagements, based on how your business is structured. Here are a few sample arrangements. I also do consulting and speaking gigs. Mainly to companies who sink zillions of dollars into a web site or a business and then scratch their heads wondering why it just sits there like a lox.

FREE: Rob's Article Archives and the blog: Tons of free articles about almost every question you've ever had about branding and business. Knock yourself out!

PRESS KIT with photos available for download at


Rob emerged from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Economic History, a major that didn't exist until Rob created it. After serving eight years hard labor at some of the world's largest advertising agencies (Foote, Cone & Belding, DMB&B, Dailey & Associates), Rob escaped to form Frankel & Anderson, home of Advertising, Marketing & Killer Creative (TM). Soon after, the agency was converted to America's first totally digital/online format, expanding its servicing of client base worldwide.

Shifting emphasis to branding, Rob wrote "The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build a Big Time Brand on the Web or Anywhere Else", which is required reading in universities and marketing agencies throughout the world. Today, Rob Frankel consults to on-line and off-line clients around the globe. He is the founder of i-legions, which creates and manages turnkey, revenue-generating Branded Communities for clients with existing user bases, and PeerMailing, the only viral marketing program proven to build brand-loyal, revenue-generating users. He is also disrupting the American small claims court system as a founder of One Day Decisions, the fastest way to settle without court, collection or credit damage.


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