How FrankelCalls Work

Companies ranging in size from Fortune 1000 to garage start-ups utilize this one-hour, one-on-one phone call session with Rob Frankel to jump start their brand strategies and get them on the road to implementation.

Real time sessions are by telephone, text, audio or video chat.

And yes, it only takes one hour. Because you pay only for actionable time.

You begin by forwarding background material which is reviewed at no charge. Rob reviews your material and your list of pre-arranged questions (so you don't lose time on the actual call). Once the call begins, it's a full-steam, strategic session that doesn't stop for an uninterrupted 60 minutes. Enough focused time to answer all your questions -- and then some.

You may record the call and even follow up with one or two e-mail questions. Everything for the price of one phone call. It's a great way to get your questions answered and problems solved efficiently.

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Amount: US$750 per session
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