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No matter where you are located, Rob can address your audience in real time WITHOUT travel costs. Ask about working via videoconference.
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Want to turn your staff, customers and employees into evangelists for your brand? They all have to be on board first. The best way to do that is getting the right information to them in real time, where they can hear it, apply it and ask about it. That's what my speaking events do.

All events qualify for participation in the sale of my book, The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build A Big Time Brand™ on the Web or Anywhere Else" The book outlines my exclusive approach to branding; the tapes are filled with tactics which can be implemented the minute they're heard! Call us for details.

Rob is a truly exceptional speaker, approaches branding from a completely different, original and innovative perspective, and did an awesome job contributing to the growth and understanding of our attendees. And it doesn't hurt that he's a really good guy and a true pleasure to work with.

Dr. Audri G. Lanford, CEO
NETrageous Inc.

Forums at which I've delivered keynotes include:

University of California, Los Angeles
Institute of Management Consultants National Conference, Houston, Texas
Sierra Systems, Vancouver, Canada
Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
The Academy of Internet Commerce, London, England
Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business & Management
Association of Internet Professionals, Pasadena, California
PIAA Insurance Conference, Santa Barbara, California
E-Commerce Conference, Kona, Hawaii
Jay Abraham's Internet Strategy Summit, Los Angeles, California
Tier One Network, Irvine, California
Annual Entertainment Real Estate Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada name a few.

You were the best speaker at the event. Everybody said so.

Bill West, Capital Management

Thanks a million for making last night's IPN meeting educational, entertaining and memorable. All the feedback I received regarding your presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Much appreciation.

Dennis Jackson
President, IPN Pasadena

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Speaking Topics

Here are a few samples of my more popular topics, along with some brief descriptions. We also customize our presentations and topics for you:

Branding in the Fourth Dimension: If you believe as I do, then you know branding isn't about getting customers to choose your company over its competition; it's about positioning your company as the only possible solution to your customers' problems.

Customers seek out -- and pay a premium for -- that kind of brand, just as they can be seeking out yours. And I can show you how.

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Ten Ways You're Killing Your Brand - and what to do about it

Mainly built for CEO's, C-Level officers and business owners, this real-time demonstration identifies the ten most common mistakes you're committing right now, killing your brand on a daily basis. It also includes the ten solutions to correct the situation, allowing your audience to walk out the door, head straight to the office and fix them. Hugely popular session.

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Only the Strongly Branded Survive

In the best of times, you build a brand. But in the worst of times, only the strongly branded survive, because they're the ones whose users invest in them. When the economy goes into the toilet, the price cutters are the first to go -- the strong brands scoop up their market share and grow. This is the session that not only tells you why branding works, but describes tactics your business can use tomorrow, to keep and build your market share, in good times and bad.

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Branded Communities: the quickest ROI on web investment!

Let the other dopes settle for tired, weak response rates of 1% to 3%. Let them click at as many banners as they want. The way to achieve healthy response rates of 10% to 25% is by building a branded community.

A strong brand is where you start. But a strongly-branded community is what brings it all home. In this seminar, you learn how to build a branded community and how much more it can do for your business -- on or offline.

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The Media Implosion: Past, Present & Future of the Web

Hey, wait a minute -- how did all this happen? Why is it all happening this way? And where's it all going?

You can't know where you're going until you know where you've been. By looking at how the media has evolved -- with particular emphasis on how it has profoundly affected the marketing world -- all the pieces begin to fit together. This is the first discussion that makes sense out of what commonly passes as mass confusion about the web.

In two hours or less, you'll have a firm grasp of The Media Implosion: how it began, why it happened and how it came to influence every single person on the planet.

If you're involved in any aspect of marketing, this one is a must.

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Turning Users Into Evangelists

Hey, this is what branding is really all about. Not just getting prospects to become users, but getting users to become rabid evangelists for your brand. When you learn how to turn users into evangelists, great things start happening:

  • Cost of sales decrease

  • Average sale transactions increase

  • Frequency of sales increase

  • Retention rates soar

  • Your users become your marketing department

Get tips, tricks and programs that really work to crank revenue. For everyone who's sure they're not getting enough revenue for their marketing buck!

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Branding to Foreign Markets

Sure, you've heard the phrase "global marketing" over and over again. Then why are so many domestic brands struggling when they go abroad? I'll tell you why: it's because the brands are flawed back at home.

To really understand global branding, you have to understand branding itself. The fact is that if your brand can't work outside your own neighborhood, it's probably not working at home, either.

This session shows you how to build your brand so that it works anywhere, for any culture, at any time.

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The Big Myths -- Why Offline Tactics Don't Port to Online Business: Admit it -- you paid some high-level executive to advise you how to advertise and market on the web, only to discover that it bore no resemblance whatsoever to QVC. Had you heard this speech, however, you would have been forewarned about how confused the media buying community is about the web and what real agenda are driving them.

The fact is that -- counter to most pundits' crowing -- advertising is not necessarily the best way to market your business on the web. Much of how you market depends on what it is you're marketing. And the medium you choose isn't the result of some mathematical equation.

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Branding the Successful Alliance: If you think that breeding logos is all strategic alliances are about, you need to think again. After three generations of media slavery, the rules of the game have totally changed. It's no longer about products, media and distribution channels. It's about individual compatibilities between brands. A new world where a bigger partner may actually be worse for you than a hungrier one. When businesses seek more alliances, the strongly branded, brand-compatible ones that succeed.

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Frankel's Laws of Big Time Branding™: Jack Trout and Al Ries have 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. I have 10 laws of my own, plus three corollaries thrown in for good measure. If you're serious about branding, you simply have to take up where the article leaves off. This is a hands-on working session that lets you take what you've learned today and put into practice tomorrow.


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